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Client Testimonials:

"My local dealer wanted $150,000 for a Lamborghini Gallardo. Ebay had one for $147,000, but the car was 1200 miles away and payment due within 10 days. With RPM, I purchased the car at $129,000 - nearly wholesale!" - Dr. DR



"My car needed its transmission fixed... $6,000 through the dealership. But since I leased from RPM, I was able to service my car through their network. My bill came out to $1,800... saving me over $4,000!" - Dr. MN



"Thank you for putting me in such a hot car !!!" - DC



"I wanted a Ferrari 360 Modena, but my local dealer was asking retail. RPM put me in a similar Modena at over $20,000 below what the dealer was asking. " - JM



"Thanks for listening.  I've never had a better buying experience." - Dr. AS


"Thank you so much for generously bringing your cars to help support us in this year's local parade." - JR


"I like to change cars alot.  RPM let me flip my SL55 for a BMW 645."  - DC